Affordable homes in new Brooklyn development

Affordable homes in new Brooklyn development

Completed houses in Drommedaris Street, Brooklyn are for sale at under R450 000 each.

In line with a recently adopted mission by one of Cape Town’s historic residential property companies, a brand new home-ownership opportunity offering separate title houses under R450 000 has proved a major success in Brooklyn, where eight of 20 units have been sold and built in only four months.

The houses are being developed just off Koeberg Road, in Drommedaris Street, where the one and two storey units, some with garages, are being sold by Yes! Properties, a division of veteran housing and community building company Communicare.

The houses are part of the company’s mission to build integrated, sustainable communities that include entry-level home ownership opportunities as well as upmarket houses in the northern areas of the city.

“The houses offer an opportunity for people who, because of their incomes, would otherwise have no chance of owning property of this quality,” says property director Rick Brosens.

The houses, attached in groups of two, have good quality finishes and each has an allowance included in the price for the choice of floor finishes. The bedrooms and kitchens have built-in cupboards and there are precast concrete walls between the gardens, which are finished with roll-on lawns in the front.

The 82-year-old Communicare is the largest not for profit landlord in the Western Cape with 3 600 rental units – second only in size to the City of Cape Town.

“This gives us the right kind of experience and track record to ensure that the homes we build for sale offer the best value in terms of cost effectiveness and investment potential,” says Brosens.

Jason Poole, Yes Properties’ sales consultant, says that at the present rate of sale the units will be sold out by May. “We will be looking for similar opportunities for houses of this kind in other areas as well,” he says.

Some of the homes have outstanding views directly at Table Mountain and the development is conveniently situated near major transport routes including the municipal bus service on Koeberg Road, and the MyCity Bus line on Marine Drive.

Residents are very near to good retail outlets and community amenities including a superette, a video shop, various ATMs, a library and a clinic.

“It’s one of our objectives to help as many people as possible to get accommodation close to their places of work. Traditionally, people in relatively low cost housing have had to travel great distances to get to work. In Brooklyn, homeowners can be within a few minutes travel of their jobs in Paarden Eiland, Montague Gardens and other nearby industrial and commercial nodes,” says Brosens.

Call Jason or Wendy at the Yes! Properties’ office on 021-903 0717, or visit



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