Bam Architects to move to Century City

Bam Architects to move to Century City

Manhattan Quarter at Century City, where Bam Architects is moving its office from Woodstock.

Award-winning architectural firm, Bam Architects, is to move to Century City where it has bought a two storey standalone office block.

The eye-catching building forms part of the Manhattan mixed use precinct now nearing completion.

The 374m2 office block will overlook the largest public park in Century City.

Principal architect, Chris Bam says the firm has been in its current premises in The Palms Centre in Woodstock for 16 years and it was time for a change.

“Century City is extremely well located and is good for our clients. It is a delightful precinct and offers a great lifestyle with every conceivable amenity right on the doorstep.”

Bam Architects has designed a number of buildings at Century City including the Virgin Active gym and The Quays mixed use development. The firm’s latest development in the precinct is The Terraces residential complex currently under construction with the entire development of 144 units having been sold to an investment company.

The Manhattan precinct comprises Manhattan Towers – a 15-storey block of 82 apartments set over a ground floor commercial component including a restaurant and conference facilities – and Manhattan Wharfside – a strip of single and double storey apartments fronting onto the Grand Canal, which were completed a number of years ago.

The latest addition to the precinct is the mixed use Manhattan Quarter which comprises 63 apartments overlooking the Grand Canal, offices including those for Bam Architects, a restaurant, a large park and a crèche for 160 children.

This precinct is now nearing completion with Bam’s offices scheduled to come on stream at the end of March 2017.



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