Blairgowrie market update

Blairgowrie, an established residential suburb in the triangle formed by Sandton, Rosebank and Randburg, is sometimes forgotten in the property rush but it is definitely a suburb that its residents love and most of all, try to keep to themselves.

And the best kept secret is that its house prices have held steady and offer great value compared to neighbouring suburbs, says Michael Labuschagne of Jawitz Properties Johannesburg North.

“As an established suburb, Blairgowrie is conveniently situated with quick access onto the N1 and M1. For those prepared to renovate, entry-level properties are priced at about R1.5 million and already renovated homes are selling for around R2.5m. In addition, many of the homes in Blairgowrie have cottages, which offers an additional revenue stream in an area where there is strong demand for accommodation.

“There is great potential for growth in Blairgowrie as new homeowners renovate their homes, similar to the situation in Parkhurst several years ago. The rejuvenation of the suburb can be seen in the number of younger buyers moving into the area. Over 60% of recent buyers are under 49, and 32% of total buyers are 18 to 35 years old. In contrast, more than 55% of recent sellers have been older than 49 with 33% of total sellers being 65 or older. The area is appealing to young families who are attracted by its good schools, gardens and central location.”

And once they’ve settled, he says, residents tend to put down roots. “The convenience of the neighbourhood and the lifestyle it affords clearly gets into your blood and people don’t want to leave. This is supported by statistics showing that 51% of the owners have been in the suburb for 11 years or more and a further 10%, for more than eight years.”

So what keeps them rooted? There are good schools; access to a variety of shopping facilities; an active Blairgowrie Community Association that regularly attends to trail maintenance and improvement of the playgrounds and security within the greenbelt; and Delta Park is a lifestyle feature offering a host of outdoor activities, including tennis, birding, walking, running and cycling. The various community tennis courts and parks dotted throughout the suburb, as well as the municipal swimming pool, are well-loved attractions.

Blairgowrie homes are generally situated on 700 to 1 200m2 sized plots, which offers most home owners sufficient space to have a garden and a pool without being too cramped. Homes tend to be in the vicinity of 200 and 280m2 as a single storey and between 300 and 350m2 if there are upstairs additions.

Despite the fact that Blairgowrie abuts the prestigious suburbs of Craighall Park, Parkmore and Parkhurst, and the up-and coming Linden, it offers a great deal of value at much lower prices.

“Although the stand sizes in Craighall Park and Linden can be quite a bit larger, Blairgowrie offers the green space without the costs associated with such large stands. It is manageable, more lock-up-and-go but still offers the space and privacy of these surrounding neighbourhoods,” says Labuschagne.