Century City Quays precinct completed

Century City Quays precinct completed

Construction of Quays at Century City has been completed.

Construction of Quays, a new commercial node comprising 39 low rise studio offices and a TriBakery restaurant in the heart of Century City, has been completed.

Developed at a cost of R90 million, Quays is the commercial component of a mixed-use precinct that includes two residential developments, Quayside and Quaynorth, which were also recently completed and where all 91 apartments were sold months before construction came to an end.

Property World, the official on site estate agency at Century City, has opened its new showroom and offices in a highly visible position on Century Way in the precinct.

The offices in Quays range in size from 41m² to around 400m², excluding balconies, and are priced from around R800 000, excluding VAT. They have provided a rare opportunity for smaller office users to buy space in the growing Century City precinct, says John Chapman, director of Rabie Property Group, the developer.

The two and three storey office buildings are set around courtyards and a water-fronting piazza where TriBakery is located. They have been designed as individual façades rather than a monolithic office block with the varying architecture and colour scheme giving the appearance of a village street edge that has evolved over time.

The intimate scale of Quays, which provides secure basement parking plus visitor parking in the courtyard, embraces the neighbouring residential developments as well as the Waterstone complex and the Central Park commercial node.

“It acts as an interface between the various components and has been designed to enhance the pavement ambience of this vibrant area where there are always people coming and going to the schools, clubhouse and field as well as canoeists who house their craft in the area and the bird watchers and other visitors to Intaka Island,” says Sedica Knight of Rabie.

At the time of going to press only two of the offices suites remained to be sold.

Chapman says Quays appeals in particular to professionals including medical practitioners who want to own their offices.

“The market response was phenomenal and there is continued demand from smaller users and investors. So much so that we are working hard to bring on additional product to meet this need as soon as possible,” says Chapman.

Call Sedica Knight on 021 550 7000.



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