City of Cape Town valuation appeals

Many property owners over the past few weeks would have returned home from leave to notices from the Municipal Valuer of the City of Cape Town, advising them of his decision on the 2009 general valuation objection.

According to recent media reports the city valuation department has resolved about 35 000 of the 37 000 objections that were lodged.

“The municipal valuer and the valuation team should be complemented in undertaking the enormous task of addressing the objections in such a short period. This does leave the property owner in the position of either accepting the valuation determined or considering an appeal,” says Jerry Margolius of Rates Watch.

He says that, in terms of the legislation, if the valuation of the property was adjusted by more than 10% upwards or downwards the municipal valuer must supply reasons for the decision. He must also promptly submit his decision to the relevant appeal board together with the reasons and supporting documentation, for review. The appeal board will review the decision and may either confirm, amend or revoke the decision taken by the municipal valuer. The appeal board’s decision will then be reflected on the valuation roll.

Margolius says owners who don’t have the necessary expertise in attending to this process should contact a professional registered valuer.

“Before appealing, owners would be well advised to ensure that they obtain reasons for the municipal valuer’s decision, upon payment of a prescribed fee. Then, once the reasons have been studied, the process of lodging an appeal can commence.

“In accordance with the Municipal Property Rates Act, owners have 30 days from the date of receiving the notice to apply reasons. Once the reasons have been received an appeal must be lodged within 21 days, in terms of the act. Although these reasons should be provided within 30 days this may not be achievable, depending on the volume of requests. The reasons should be sufficient for the objector to lodge an appeal.”

Rates Watch will assist property owners and tenants who objected on their own, with the appeal. Visit or call 087 550 1234.

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