Curro Sitari set to open new high school building and to welcome over 600 pupils in January 2018

Curro Sitari set to open new high school building and to welcome over 600 pupils in January 2018

Growing apace: An aerial view of Curro Sitari at Sitari Country Estate where the high school – on the right – is set to open in 2018.

With Sitari Country Estate growing visibly on the Helderberg landscape and residents moving in apace, the flagship Curro Sitari school within the estate is also seeing impressive growth.

This is according to Phil Snyman, executive head of Curro Sitari.

He says: “Our new high school building and parking area will open in January 2018, when we will be welcoming hundreds of children to our campus.

“The growing number of pupils will include Grades 8 to 11 and primary school pupils as well as those attending Curro Castle Sitari aged from three months to five years. We will be opening the new building in time for the new school year starting on January 17.

“The new L-shaped high school building has a laboratory, IT facilities, administration offices and indoor walkways between classes. Curro Sitari has state of the art facilities and offers a 21st century education that in primary school, for example, includes aspects such as robotics, Microsoft Minecraft and 3D printing.

“The opening of the new high school building and expanding of our intake up to Grade 11 – with our first Grade 12 class in 2019 – is a great next step to realising our full potential. With these developments we are well on our way to achieving our pupil target numbers and reaching full capacity at Curro Sitari.”

Curro Sitari first opened its doors to 171 learners in 2016, bringing a new independent schooling option to the Helderberg area.

Says John Coetzee, executive director of Uvest Property Group, the developer: “Sitari Country Estate is growing in leaps and bounds, and alongside it so is Curro Sitari. All of our partnerships on the estate are very carefully considered to meet the needs of our residents and of the surrounding area. We are delighted that Curro Sitari’s expansion process is on schedule.”

Adds Claudius Combrinck, executive director of Sitari Property Sales: “We anticipate also expanding our offerings at Sitari soon, with the fourth release for the year on the cards, which is the Paradiso premium apartments, following on the great popularity of the Waterbrook, Park Lane and Meadow Lane premium apartments.

“With Paradiso buyers will have easy access to the 2.2 km Orchard Lane, a recreational walking and jogging area that has a rural landscape feel. Paradiso offers one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment options with two distinct interior moods to select from – Wrought Iron and Farm Fresh. Pricing starts at just over R1 million for one-bedroom apartments to R2.6m for ground-floor three-bedroom apartments.”

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