Early results from Cape Town CBD Residential Survey released

Early results from Cape Town CBD Residential Survey released

The Company’s Garden is CBD residents’ favourite green space.

Picture: Johan Dempers

Just days after the close of the CCID’s fourth annual online residential survey, a number of interesting results have already been highlighted.

“We have yet to analyse the full results,” says CCID communications manager, Carola Koblitz, “but what we’ve seen so far really heartens us and deals with some of the misperceptions that are out there about living in the Cape Town Central City.”

One of these, says Koblitz, is the age group of the majority of residents which still reflects that the largest group of those living in the CBD are between the ages of 18 and 34, a trend already picked up in the 2015 survey but which has now shown a significant growth. Whereas 44 percent of respondents from the 2015 survey fell into this age range, this number has now risen to 47 percent of all respondents.

“Clearly, our downtown area is echoing the trend that has been spotted in many other downtowns across the world, where urban living is really being embraced by millennials. An urban lifestyle ‘defines’ them, but it also puts paid to the misconception that the Cape Town Central City is too expensive to live in if you’re under 35.”

The most popular area to live in continues to be the East City, where 25 percent of respondents live compared to 21 percent in 2015.

Among residents living in the CBD, those now renting units had slightly outstripped those who owned their own – 46 percent rentals to 43 percent owned – as against the 2015 figures of 46 percent rentals to 52 percent owned.

“This makes sense when you see that the category regarding owners of flats in the CBD who let them to others has increased significantly year on year, from 3 percent in 2015 versus 12 percent in 2016,” says Koblitz. “And we know from the day-to-day enquires we get from people wanting to rent in the CBD that the demand is strong.”

The top reason for living in the CBD and its immediate surrounds was that it was close to residents’ place of work (58 percent) and many residents (34 percent) were able to live as close as between 0- and 0.5km of their work (34 percent).

And the Company’s Garden still comes out tops in their favourite public spaces in the Central City – 93 percent chose this as their number one spot against 91 percent from 2015.

With a total of 31 questions in all, there is still much work to be done on the final results, says Koblitz: “We’re very keen to see, for example, where residents prefer to go for entertainment, how often they eat out or get takeaways, what jobs they do, how big are their households, where do they shop and what retail and other amenities would they like to see more of. But we also want to take careful cognisance of any figures that may have shown a decline, if we find any, from the 2015 results.

“While this can still only be considered a dipstick survey – we had a total of 232 respondents this year – we take the results extremely seriously, as they give us an indication of who is living in our downtown area and – most importantly – what would keep them here. Our aim is to have a downtown that is as far as possible reflective of the workforce and student population that occupy the CBD during its daylight hours. Then you have a community that takes ownership and cares about its neighbourhood.”

The CCID expects to have the full results of the survey out in time for the December issue of its quarterly newspaper City Views.


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