GAME to open in Zevenwacht Mall

GAME to open in Zevenwacht Mall

Aerial view of Zevenwacht Mall in Kuils River, which is being extended to accommodate GAME’s new 4 500m2 store later this year.

Zevenwacht Mall in Kuils River recently concluded a deal with GAME for the national retail giant to open a 4 500m2 store at the centre in the last quarter of 2011.

“It is extremely gratifying that a tenant of such stature has committed to Zevenwacht Mall, and we expect a significant increase in trade and visitors as a result of this addition,” says Janine Coleske, Zevenwacht Mall centre manager.

“After a strong 2010 during which turnover increased by 22 percent and the number of visitors to the centre by 15 percent, this move signifies further confidence in the continued success of Zevenwacht Mall by a major national retailer,” she says.

To house a store of this size, Zevenwacht Mall will need to be extended. The proposed extension is adjacent to Van Riebeeck Road in the parking area behind the existing Mr Price store, and will be directly connected to the centre by an internal link mall populated with new line shops. The extension will follow the same design and aesthetic as the existing centre to ensure that it fits seamlessly with the existing centre.

The extension project started with external works in March. These will involve the re-routing of part of the internal ring road in the south western section of the site, off the mall access road. To accommodate the realignment of the ring road, the existing entrance gate structure will be taken down and relocated and the taxi rank will be demolished. Provision for a new taxi drop-off zone will be made parallel to the new ring road, which will be closer to the existing mall entrance.

A new roundabout will also be constructed at the eastern end of the section of the road that is to be relocated and this will provide better traffic flow off Van Riebeeck Road. The new traffic circle will be constructed so that traffic ingress and egress at this entrance will be maintained throughout the works.

“We trust that the addition of this new destination anchor will add tremendous value to the shopping experience and compensate for any inconvenience. In the past, local shoppers had to travel considerable distances to centres in Brackenfell, Durbanville or Somerset West, but they will soon have the convenience of shopping at GAME right here in Kuils River,” says Coleske.

“Most of the construction work will take place outside the centre, which should result in minimal disruption internally. We hope shoppers won’t be too greatly inconvenienced as a result of the extension,” she says.

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