Mitchells Plain gap housing development update

Mitchells Plain gap housing development update

Completed homes at WestCape Villas Village in Mitchells Plain.

Homes are selling steadily despite the recession at WestCape Villas Village, a Gap housing project in Mitchells Plain that will consist of 341 units.

The two-bedroom homes are on sale at R339 000 and R349 000. The project is under construction and 150 people have signed up as would-be homeowners.

About 43 of these have bank approval for their bonds, and another 57 have signed agreements and are awaiting word from the banks.

WestCape Villas is a Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) project.

“There’s a lot of interest in these homes,” says CTCHC client manager Doreen van Wyk. “This is a good project, in the right location, near the bus nodes and all the local amenities. These property values cannot decrease, so everyone who buys here is making a good investment.”

Gap housing is designed for buyers who earn too much to qualify for government housing subsidies but can’t afford to buy on the broader market. Fungai Mudimu, chief executive of the CTCHC, says WestCape Villas fulfil a crucial need in the housing market for households with combined incomes of up to R15 000.

“We want to build quality houses and at the same time develop strong communities,” he says. “We are particularly proud that the CTCHC delivers quality homes on time. It’s very important to us that there is community involvement in our developments, and that we maintain a relationship with our clients. This includes offering financial guidance, advice on maintaining homes and keeping in touch with the communities we help to develop.”

Ward councillor Natalie Bent has said she was impressed with the show homes she had seen. “I will be watching the development closely and with interest,” she said.

WestCape Villas Village follows on the successful handover of CTCHC project Morgan’s Village III, where 341 homeowners took possession of their new houses. Morgan’s Village III recently received an award from the South African Housing Foundation for being the best national project providing homes costing more than R120 000.



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