New global free to list property portal launches in South Africa

A new global property portal allows agencies to target international buyers and reduce their overheads with free property listings. Free to list Commercial People and Residential People property portals are now live across five countries – South Africa, UK, UAE, India and Nigeria.

“The two portals have over 350 000 listings worldwide and we are aiming for one million by the fourth quarter of 2019. Major agencies already advertising on the sites include Annenberg Property Group, Baker Street Properties, Broll, CCH, Chas Everitt and Meridian Realty,” says Commercial and Residential People co-director Christopher May

“Imminent launches are planned for mainland Europe, China and the Middle East. Residential People and its commercial property equivalent Commercial People are positioned to attract local and overseas buyers and investors interested in buying property throughout South Africa.”

May says: “We are targeting emerging and established markets alike. Alongside South Africa, we are currently operating across the UK, UAE and India, and despite our brand infancy, we are well on the way to being one of the biggest portals in the UAE and on the way to becoming one of the largest in India as well.

“Our unique selling point (USP) is simple. Every agent we’ve spoken to is concerned about the rising costs of property portals. Commercial People and Residential People are both free to list global property portals that help to eliminate some of the expenses agencies face.”

Since launching, Residential People has found that a growing number of searches on its UK site come from prospective overseas buyers looking to move there or investors keen to enter the market. May says this is replicated across the South African market as well, with a particular interest in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

May continues: “One of our key selling points is that we are international. It is a fact that thousands of properties in certain areas – especially commercial and new build apartments – are not being bought by locals but international buyers.

“In the UAE, for example, after only a few months, we have a 75% market share of all properties. With the global reach of Residential People, any local South African estate agent can tap into the growing foreign investment across the country, gaining more exposure on their listings at no charge from potential customers in the UK as well as successful expatriates across the UAE, and soon China.

May concludes: “We want to make it abundantly clear that our aim is to work with agents and build an alternative to some of the portals that exist today. While we understand that international attention doesn’t appeal to every South African agent, our nationwide coverage can ensure increased exposure for the local market as well. With agents’ support, we are hoping to disrupt the status quo and give agents an alternative to the current portals.”