R450m New York style apartments for Cape Town and Umhlanga

R450m New York style apartments for Cape Town and Umhlanga

Artist’s impression of the interiors at FWJK’s new residential development brand, Li’l Apple, being launched simultaneously in Cape Town and Umhlanga.

FWJK recently announced its latest residential brand, the Li’l Apple, which will be launched simultaneously in two developments – one in Cape Town and another in Umhlanga – with a total 600 apartments.

The Li’l Apple is set to be a brand of FWJK’s New York style apartments which will be rolled out nationally, says FWJK chief executive, Dave Williams-Jones.

These apartments will be priced from R650000 including VAT and transfer fees and are intended to make living in the city affordable. The designs are based on those typically found in Manhattan, New York where the market has served the demand mainly from young professionals and people working in the city.

“Millennials are scaling down the size and price of the properties they invest in so as to have more disposable income for things such as travelling and other life experiences and this brought us to the slogan “Stay Small Live Big,” says Williams-Jones.

“South African cities are no different and Cape Town and Durban are becoming unaffordable as the entry price level for apartments is generally above the R1m mark. Apartment sizes in the Li’l Apple developments start at around 20m² including balcony. The designs incorporate the use of vertical space which includes a fold-up double bed, a fold-down dining table and innovative use of space for storage.

“The most defining part of these New York Style apartment living developments will be found in the facilities they offer which form part of the development.”

He says the Li’l Apple brand will include amenities such as restaurants, co-working spaces, curated retail outlets, boutique coffee breweries, roof terraces where residents can relax and meet up with friends in the building through a next generation community building cellphone app.

For more information email davewj@fwjk.co.za.