Regular rental inspections an important part of property management

Rental inspections are essential when it comes to good rental management, but both landlords and tenants should stick to the terms and conditions of their lease with regards to how these are carried out, says Nelio Mendes, marketing manager of property company

“To manage a property well, it is accepted practice that the property be inspected from time to time in addition to the ingoing and outgoing inspections, by either landlord or rental agent, and leases should include the provision for these to be carried out at regular intervals.”

Many landlords carry out rental inspections on their properties themselves, instead of using the services of a rental agent, and it has to be remembered by all that during the time of a lease agreement, the tenant has full enjoyment of the property he is inhabiting and should be given fair notice of an inspection. This means an appointment should be made, and the tenant should be present at the time of inspecting the property. Tenants, too, should be mindful of the landlord’s rights and be reasonable when their landlord wants to book a time to carry out such inspections, says Mendes.

“Interim inspections are a necessity, to ensure that the condition of the home is as good as it was at the time of the ingoing inspection, and it is also the tenant’s opportunity to notify the landlord of any faults that have arisen since then. Any items that need repair should be addressed at this time, if they haven’t already been reported or seen to.”

The same items as the initial inspection will be checked, such as condition of the carpets, walls, doors, garden, swimming pool (if any), stove, oven, electric outlets, light switches, gate and window latches, any water leaks, and so on. This inspection needn’t be a lengthy one, but rather just to check that the property is being maintained according to the agreement. It could also help to have the ingoing inspection photos at hand so that comparisons can be made with the current condition and some additional photos taken if anything has changed or any additional faults found.

It has to be said, however, that although the landlord owns the property, the tenant takes occupation of the home, and his privacy should be respected, says Mendes.

“While inspections may be seen as a waste of time, they are necessary as they create protection for both parties with regards to the responsibility and condition of the property, and should not be avoided. The inspections are important as they have a direct impact on the refund of the deposit at the end of the rental term,” he says.

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