Safe, durable flooring for new children’s play area at a Pinetown church

Safe, durable flooring for new children’s play area at a Pinetown church

Interlinking Imat-20 in Redwood has a seamless finish and is easy to maintain.

Children attending Pinetown Full Gospel Church’s weekly services will get the chance to enjoy a newly-constructed indoor play area complete with environmentally-friendly and safety-assured EnviroBuild flooring.

The 45m² children’s play area has been an ongoing project for Pinetown Full Gospel Church, overseen by church pastor Dr Rodney Sneddon and his dedicated team. Funds raised have gone towards the construction of the room as well as play equipment which is set to be installed. When it came to a flooring solution for the area, Sneddon made contact with Jaco Snyman of EnviroBuild, KwaZulu-Natal’s first manufacturer of eco-friendly recycled rubber flooring for commercial, industrial and residential use.

“Because the play area will include children’s equipment and will be used quite extensively, we needed a flooring product that would be able to withstand repetitive use, be easy to clean and safe for children,” said Sneddon, who was put in touch with Snyman by Dr Mehdy Zarrebini, Chairman of Van Dyck Floors. “We asked Snyman to review the area to decide on the best flooring option and we’ve been so happy with the final result. It’s a fresh look, perfectly suited to this space.”

“After assessing the area, we decided that our interlinking IMat-20 in Redwood would be the best option for this space,” said Snyman. “This would work best as it is easy to maintain and has impact attenuating properties which make it ideal for this application. The Redwood also perfectly complements the bare red clay-brick walls on the side of the playroom.”

EnviroBuild offers a solution to South Africa’s ever-growing stockpile of waste tyres. Tyres, that were once destined for landfill are now being repurposed into paving and flooring products that last for years. Because of the durable rubber substance, there is no fracturing or cracking which means no long-term maintenance costs, and the only cleaning required is the use of soap and water.

For this particular project, a total of 64 IMat-20s were laid in the area with final installation completed in mid-August. The children’s play equipment will now be installed and the area ready for use in the upcoming weeks.

A generous churchgoer opted to sponsor the flooring product with EnviroBuild providing free installation for the children’s room as part of its corporate social responsibility.

EnviroBuild is a sister company of the flooring manufacturer, Van Dyck Floors and part of the PFE International Group of companies. The organisation produces products suitable for both the local and international markets.