Tenants snap up Quays offices at Century City

Tenants snap up Quays offices at Century City

The Quays at Century City, with TriBakery on the waterfront piazza.

Tenants have been snapping up sectional title offices in the Quays at Century City, according to Sedica Knight of Rabie Property Group, the developer.

The Quays is part of a larger mixed use development, with 39 low rise studio offices and a TriBakery restaurant in the heart of Century City. Knight says that 23 of the units were sold to investors and the balance to owner occupiers.

“We have let 18 units on behalf of investors and a further two are under offer, leaving only three units still available to let. The remaining units range from 65m² to 158m² with parking provided on a ratio of 3.5 bays a 100m², at around R145/m².

The two and three storey office buildings are set around courtyards and a water-fronting piazza where TriBakery is located. The office buildings have been designed as individual façades rather than a monolithic office block with the varying architecture and colour scheme giving the appearance of a village street edge that has evolved over time, says Knight.

The intimate scale of Quays embraces the neighbouring residential developments, Quayside and Quaynorth which form part of the overall development, as well as other adjacent residential and commercial developments.

Knight says Quays is ideal for smaller users and investors in the Century City market and has proved so successful that it spurred the development of another sectional title office development, Grosvenor Square nearby.


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