The Club precinct in Pretoria is now also a cutting-edge medical destination

The Club precinct in Pretoria is now also a cutting-edge medical destination

The new Club Surgical Centre in Pretoria offers cutting-edge treatment in skin cancer, cosmetic, ear-nose-and-throat, and spinal surgery.

South African property investor and developer Atterbury has introduced a landmark new medical development to its mixed-use Pretoria precinct, The Club.

Club Surgical Centre, a day hospital that offers cutting-edge treatment in skin cancer, cosmetic, ear-nose-and-throat, and spinal surgery, began helping patients in April.

“The centre was shaped by its specialists together with Atterbury, so it is designed optimally for their services, whereas specialists often have to slot into prebuilt generic hospital spaces,” says Atterbury chief executive, Louis van der Watt.

“The Club Surgical Centre is also groundbreaking as it has been crafted based on leading-edge world trends in day care surgery. The centre’s co-founders, Dr Japie de Wet and Dr Pieter du Plessis, have acquired the skills needed to pioneer the only multidisciplinary unit of this kind in South Africa. When setting up a modern skin cancer management programme in 2012, the centre’s partners identified the need for a custom facility tailored to modern trends in day surgery.

“Atterbury helped the partners find the perfect home for the centre. Together, they navigated statutory applications, licences and compliance requirements. And, as the project gained momentum, they realised the demand for this kind of surgical facility was much wider than originally anticipated.”

Day case surgery is becoming the norm in first world countries, with one in three surgical procedures taking place in such units. In South Africa, the current rate is about one in 12.

There are three key surgical specialities in the facility. Its founding doctors are skin cancer specialists, who were approached by two further groups of specialists that identified the need for a similar niche facility in their respective fields.

Dr Nisius du Plessis, Dr Jannie Kok, Dr Kobus Venter and Dr Janet Izeboud have established a Centre of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery at Club Surgery Centre. Similarly, spine specialist Dr Louis Nel has established a unit for spinal day case surgery and the centre will also become the diagnostic hub of Spine Africa, a multidisciplinary group of different surgical and non-surgical specialities focusing only on the diagnosis and treatment of spinal problems. Nel explains this facility is so attractive because it brings together a group of spine specialists who share resources and equipment, so minimising duplication and maximising cost-effectiveness.

Van der Watt says the fully-let 4 800m2 Club Surgical Centre’s interior is designed to offer the calming experience of a modern lounge, which soothes the clinical hospital environment.

“The founding doctors of Club Surgery Centre already have the coveted status as one of the only accredited training facilities in mohs micrographic skin-cancer surgery, outside the USA. This makes the centre exceptional and creates a professional legacy that will benefit a multitude of patients across the spectrum,” says van der Watt.

“On the ground floor is a 760m2 new-format Dis-Chem pharmacy, which is more compact and focused than the popular brand’s typical stores. The Club Dis-Chem’s offering has been tailored to cater for customers living in the immediate area,” says Johan Roets of Atterbury retail leasing.

He explains that space was earmarked for Dis-Chem from the start. It meant, though, that Dis-Chem had to create a smaller, tailor-made model to match the space available and to meet the needs of its customers in this market.

Consulting rooms are on the first and second floor. Burger Radiologists’ radiology suite, with the first standing MRI scanner in Africa, is on the first floor and Ampath pathologists are on the second floor. The top floor comprises the day hospital, and there is generous open and basement parking.