Styling your kitchen to sell

Styling your kitchen to sell

A kitchen should be clean and tidy without appearing sterile and unused.

The kitchen has always been seen as the heart of a home – a place to bond with family and friends and share life’s moments.

Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate chief executive, Mike Greeff, says, “Styling your kitchen need not be a tedious, expensive process. With a few simple tips to make your kitchen more appealing, you could add immense value to your property.”

Cleaning up is a great place to start. A kitchen should be clean and tidy without appearing sterile and unused. Getting your kitchen professionally cleaned is a great idea as it could take years off the age of your kitchen and could help you avoid the embarrassment of a buyer spotting dirt in a corner that you may have missed when cleaning. Work surfaces should be spotless and free of clutter.

Appliances should be stored in their appropriate areas and the only appliances that should be left out in the open are the toaster, coffee maker and blender. Any glass fronted doors should be crystal clear and the same applies to windows. Natural light also adds to the sense of cleanliness and a little bit of sunlight gleaming off polished surfaces goes a long way towards making the kitchen appealing.

A fresh coat of paint can give your kitchen an almost instant facelift. This is especially helpful around the backsplash area and some of the more weathered spots that may be a bit faded.

When in doubt, always go with a crisp, clean white. Replacing the doors on the cupboards is also a very effective method of changing the look and feel of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a kitchen makeover. Pay attention to replacing work castors on drawers and any chipped and damaged tiles.

Last but not least, take a look at the lighting. Poor or dated lighting can make a great space look dull and dreary. Fluorescent lighting combined with downlighting is an effective way to light the room and accent certain features like granite countertops or mirror finish appliances.

Be careful to choose the correct colour of light for the room. Try introducing a bit of yellow or orange light to add warmth to the ambience. This will create a more balanced feel to the room and will give buyers the feeling of a warm and inviting space that a family can use.