Aurum residential development planned for Bantry Bay

Aurum residential development planned for Bantry Bay

Artist’s impression of the Aurum development, planned for Bantry Bay.

Da’Realty, the investment subsidiary of the 106 year old conglomerate, Darvesh, is launching Aurum, a R750 million luxurious residential property development in Bantry Bay.

Darvesh, still privately owned after four generations, has a global turnover of over US$1 billion and offices across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Company president, Ahsan Hassan Darvesh, spearheading the Africa and Europe operations says Aurum is the first of many of the jewels planned under Da’Realty’s umbrella.

“The two sites for the Aurum development were previously the homes of the Ambassador Hotel and Ambassador Suites on opposite sides of Victoria Road. The two sites will be transformed into the Aurum Luxury Suites, with 15 suites on the mountain side of the road and eight suites with direct lift access to one unit a floor, making up the Aurum Presidential Suites on the sea side of Victoria Road.

“Da’Realty’s corporate design guidelines are based on the incorporation of natural elements like water, sun, light and earth into the conceptualisation and design of the Aurum.”

Denis Fabian of Fabian Architects and Lauren Bolus Kuschke, the founding partner of Make Architects and Interior Studio, are the appointed architects on the Aurum project.

The units have been designed with open-plan, single-level layouts, decorated in a neutral colour palette, and each suite will have ample underground parking, says Darvesh. Prices start at R10 million.

Sales of the Aurum units are scheduled to start in mid-September on an appointment-only basis. Register at


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